Questions and Answers

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QWhat are the basic requirements for consideration?

The basic requirements for consideration are that you must:

1.  Complete submission through the site

2.  Be at least 21 years old

3.  Have strong English skills

4.  Have a current passport

5.  Not be under contract with another organization that would hinder your involvement


QWhat will happen to my submission information?

The casting team and producers are the only people who will see your submission information.  It will not be shared with others, and is completely confidential.  We will not sell your information, we will not spam you and we will not broadcast your submission on the internet.

QIs there a limit to the number of submissions I can make?

We understand that you may have more than one style or dance that you wish to share with us in order to show your range of talent in oriental dance.  You may submit ONE Casting Call Form for each dance style you wish to be considered for. Please note that you should submit ALL requested information (including all three video submission clips - introduction, performance and instruction) with each submission.

QThe first video you request is a short one or two-minute "introduction." What are you looking for?

The introduction video clip is about you.  We want to know about you and your personality, for example why are you a dancer and how long have you been dancing.  Share with us a glimpse of you - share a story about your experiences.  Be creative, and be authentically YOU!

QWhy do I have to submit 3 different video clips? Can't I just do it all in one?

It is important to follow the instructions for video submissions as stated on the Casting Submission Form.  We're sorry if it's a pain, but that's just the way our system is set up.

QIs this a contest?

No, this is not a contest, nor is it a sweepstakes.

Just as with any other production, whether it be TV, film, or commercial work, talent must submit their audition information to the casting director.  We want to be inclusive of everyone, which is why we have developed this casting site. 

We believe that this approach, rather than setting up auditions in various locations around the world, is the best way to give people the opportunity to submit their information.  (Although we would have LOVED to travel around the world to set up auditions, for some strange reason the producers did not like that idea.)

QWhen are the shoots scheduled for?

Our first shoot is planned for the the first quarter of 2010.  Exact dates will be determined once we make our final casting decisions.

QIf I made a mistake on my submission, how can I log in to change it?

Submitting your information does not create a profile in which you can edit or change information.

You may notify us of any errors in your submission by sending us an email via the "contact us" section of the site.

Q Will I be teaching the choreography I submit in my audition?

Probably not.  The music that you may be performing to in your submission may not be the music that you will use for the shoot.

Hip Muzik is the Music Supervisor for this production.  They are working with many different artists around the world securing music for this project.  If there is music or a particular artist/group who's music you think would be great to include, please encourage the artist to contact Hip Muzik.  There is a tab at the top of this site that will link you to the company's site.

QWhat happens after I’m chosen?

A member of the production staff will contact, via email, all talent that makes the final cut for the shoots.  All selections will be made no later than two weeks after the deadline for submissions.  We will post the deadline once the submission process begins.

QHow can I check if my application has been received successfully?

You will receive an email confirmation that your submission was receieved.  If there is missing information in your submission, we will inform you via email.

QI want to change the video I submitted. How can I do this?

You cannot change your submission once you have sent it to us.  If you have changed your mind and do not wish to be considered, you may send us an email via the "contact us" section of the site.


Remember, you may submit more than once.  Therefore, if you want to submit a different video, you may do so.  See question above relating to "I made a mistake," and follow those guidelines.

QWill preference be made to dancers living in certain countries?

No preference will be given based on anything except your talent, ability and compatability with this project.  Just because you may live in the USA, for example, does not mean that you will only be considered for the USA shoot.

QI want to know who else auditioned. Can you tell me?

No we will not reveal to anyone outside the production team who has submitted for this project.  Your information is held in strict confidence.

QWho will see my audition? (Will my information/photos/videos be broadcast on the internet?)

No one outside the production team will see your audition information.  We will not post it on this, or any other site.  We will not duplicate and/or broadcast it.  The photos, videos and information you submit for the casting call will be used for casting purposes only.  We will not share your information or sell your information to anyone.

QHow do I know this isn’t a scam?

Why Knot Productions, LLC. does not lay claim to any material submitted by talent through the website. This means that all videos, pictures, and personal information sent to us throughout the audition process will remain your intellectual property and cannot be used by our company without your prior written consent. Legal contracts will be provided to each participant upon acceptance into the production.

QWhat are the casting agents looking for?

The best way for you to think about what a casting director may be looking for, is to put yourself in that role.  Ask yourself, "If I were producing an instructional DVD for belly dance, what would I think is good?" and do it!!

Just take a moment and think about the company's name, Why Knot Productions.  We are thinking a little outside the box to provide a new learning experience for dancers... so reflect that in your submission. 

QWhat is the selection process?

Our team will judge submissions based on the level of talent exhibited by each individual. This includes a broad knowledge of the art of Oriental dance and the ability to perform in an engaging and entertaining way. Talent must also be able to teach Oriental dance moves to viewers using a strong voice and easy-to-follow steps and instructions. We are looking for friendly, personable people who know how to teach dance in a fun way!

QVideo – types of files/time duration/size

Any standard video file can be uploaded: .wav; .mpeg; .mpg; ,mpg4; .avi  If you are having difficuly uploading your files, be patient.  Depending on your connection speed, it may take a few minutes.

Please keep file sizes maximum of 100mb.

Please be patient while uploading your video.  Wait until you see "Video Upload Complete" before you hit the "Submit" button.

It is not necessary to have large files, and it is not necessary to have a professional videographer edit a fancy audition video for you. 

QWill I have to pay to travel to the shoot if I am chosen?

No.  Your travel expenses, including meals and lodging will be covered by the production company.  All of the details will be explained after the selections have been made.

QHow/when/how much will I be paid?

These are factors that will be discussed privately with each selected dancer following the selection process.  Because there are many factors that go into the types of compensation and payment schedules, we will discuss them individually with talent.