About Why Knot Productions

Dilara Sultan

Dilara Sultan is one of us – a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur…a girl next door whose neighborhood happens to contain pretty much the whole world. Her journey through the world of Oriental dance is not unusual, starting out as entranced and earnest beginner in a mid-sized Texas town. Yet her fascination with the music and culture surrounding belly dance has lead her to discover new opportunities for the musicians, instructors, and dancers that enliven and continue to celebrate this ancient art. Under the umbrella of her Why Knot Ventures group of companies, Dilara facilitates new relationships – reaching across global boundaries to forge collaborations that further expand and enrich the Oriental Dance community.

 Dilara comes from a background  of more than 25 years in Film, TV, Music and Video production. Enthusiastic, charming, and unpretentious, Dilara is now the face of Why Knot Productions: a down-to-earth and relatable girlfriend, unintimidating and warm. Although she has studied belly dance around the world with a range of great of master instructors, Dilara retains the spark of wonder that first inspired her to enter the world of Oriental dance.  "It's the positive energy, the amazingly diverse talent and global community of Oriental Dance is so inspiring," Dilara shares, "through Why Knot Productions, and our upcoming company plans, we will contine to introduce, educate and connect dancers around the world."

Belynda Azhaar


Belynda Azhaar brings more than 20 years experience in the Performing Arts, Entertainment, Education, Music, and Modelling industries to the WhyKnot team. A former Talent agency manager, scout, model booker, trainer, and competition judge, Belynda knows talent when she sees it. Australian born and bred, Belynda is now based in South Korea where she regularly graces stage, screen, and television, and travels throughout Asia teaching her dance technique and philosophy.